Sustainable Cocoa Production

04 May 2021

Impact Sustainability Reports translated by 4 Translations.  

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Work experience

01 July 2021

 4 Translations welcomes Annabel Garner from the University of Nottingham.  

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Project Focus: Mary Queen of Scots’ House

09 July 2021

Live Borders Museum and Galleries commissioned a new audio guide for the four-star visitor attraction.

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14 July 2021

Product information and straplines for Boots No 7 series, translated and transcreated by 4 Translations.

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McDonald's “The Treetop Twins Adventures”

15 July 2021

Promoting literacy in children. Books sold as part of a meal pack.

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Project Focus: Herding Hill Farm

25 October 2021

Site rules translated into different languages for the benefit, safety and enjoyment of all guests. 

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Project Focus: Egger

01 December 2021

With over 10,000 employees around the world from Argentina to Russia, language skills are vital to the efficient collaboration and exchange of knowledge.


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03 December 2021

Our latest book translation has the title "DNO – A NORWEGIAN OIL ADVENTURE, Loved and condemned". The original book was written by Norwegian journalist Arnt Even Bøe and edited by Ken Hodcroft.

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Events & News

05 January 2022

Upcoming events, webinars etc.



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UN Sustainability Goal 4

06 January 2022

Quality Education is the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 4 to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Professor Allen Thurston at Queen's University Belfast asked 4 Translations to provide the translation of a Peer tutoring pack to provide teachers in Brazil with information and guidance on how to set up and successfully run a ‘Paired Reading’ programme. 

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09 January 2022

Superb accommodation in Hadrian's Wall Country, only a good hour's drive from the DFDS terminal in North Shields.  

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Legal work

10 January 2022

4 Translations provides translation and interpreting services in the legal sector.

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Life Sciences

03 February 2022

IFUs and MSDSs for multi award winning Hart Biologicals.


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Transcription – the art of turning sounds into script

23 March 2022

Transcriptions for translation. More about the art (and skill) of turning sounds into script from an experienced transcriber. 

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