We were asked to translate product information and  straplines for Boots No 7 series of skincare products for women. The team consisted of three German translators and one project manager who were based in Germany and the UK. The product information required very factual translations which stayed close to the source text. The straplines, in contrast, required transcreation, i.e. the translators moved away from the source text applying their knowledge of the wording and imagery used in the latest marketing campaigns in the cosmetics sector in Germany, as well as a high degree of linguistic creativity.  

We also provided Daimon Barber with translations of their range of men's grooming products. Morpeth-born Steve Crosby who co-founded Daimon Barber kindly sent us a sample of their Hair Pomade as a personal thank you for advice on a French product name – to the great delight of our Parisian guest who was well qualified to advise.  

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