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My name is Annabel Garner and I’m currently studying Modern Languages and Translation at the University of Nottingham. I studied French and German for A-levels at Ponteland High School and I am really keen to enter into the translation industry in the future.

I asked Änne from 4Translations whether I could complete some work experience during July 2021 to find out what it’s like in the industry. She very kindly said yes, and I spent a week in the summer working with her. During the week, she gave me different translations that the company had been asked to complete in the past and I was able to practise my own translation skills with real-life texts.

I found this experience really valuable as I was not only exposed to different genres of texts, but I could also compare my own translations with the official translations and see the difficulties that translators face when working. I also found it really interesting talking to Änne about her own experiences working as a translator and interpreter. This was a great opportunity that Änne offered me and I really valued the chance to look at real-life translations.

Annabel has now finished her exams for 2022, and is currently in Germany doing an internship in the Wuppertal office of KERN AG, a language service provider with more than 60 offices around the world!

Annabel Garner
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