McDonald's “The Treetop Twins Adventures”

The Treetop Twins proofreading project was a first for us as we had never before worked on childrens' books where rhythms and flow and the use of sensory words are very important.  

The series was written by Cressida Cowell exclusively for McDonald's and sold as part of Mc Donald's Happy Meal® packs. The idea behind the series was to promote literacy in children.

The Treetop Twins Adventures are about two sets of twins, Asha and Alfie and Tulip and Ted, and their parents Professors Pablo and Penelope. In this series they travel in a time machine that can also travel under water, across snow and ice, through jungles and plains to study amazing animals, past and present. 

To listen to Cressida reading, please go to:

Cressida Cowell is well known as author and illustrator of the “How to Train your Dragon” series. For German visitors to our website, hier ist der offizielle Kinotrailer für “Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht“:

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