Legal work

Our work in the legal sector so far covered commercial law, company law, criminal law, family law and property law, e.g.:

We translated the indictment in a criminal case, checked the transcription of the police interview, liaised with the German consulate in Edinburgh and provided interpreting services for the defendant and his legal team (solicitor and barrister), initially in HMP Durham and then during the trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

We provided interpreting services in a child adoption case in Tyne and Wear which included travelling to Germany with a social worker to interview the potential foster parents and check the suitability of a different home and school environment for the child.

Other legal work undertaken includes the translation of documents in several child abduction cases for the Scottish Executive Justice Department, Private and International Law Branch, and the translation of criminal record certificates.

We provide certified translations of legal documents. Unlike in the UK, many countries have a system of sworn translators; our network of translators means we are able to provide you with a translation by an in-country sworn translator. 

We also provide a transcription service, verbatim or semi-verbatim (please read blog written by professional transcriber Catherine Bockett).   

Title deed dating back to 1904
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